The Use Of Processed Zinc Oxide Raw Material In A Variety Of Industries

You can’t directly use zinc oxide raw material in your projects. This raw material should be processed first to get a new product known as ZnO powder. 

ZnO powder is the final product most manufacturers use to create a variety of products for their customers. The information below is about to discuss the use of ZnO powder.  

It is a Critical Material for Rubber Manufacturers 

ZnO powder is one of the common materials you can find in rubber manufacturers. This material has an important role in reducing the water absorption of cable insulators. The manufacturers should reduce the water absorption to improve the durability of the products. 

As a result, the rubber will be more durable and has a longer lifespan. ZnO powder also improves the quality of the rubber. 

For instance, the ZnO powder is about to increase the thermal conductivity level. The rubber is also strong enough against abrasion. 

It is a Critical Material for Ceramic and Concrete Manufacturers 

Zinc oxide raw material that is turned into ZnO powder is also a critical material for ceramic and concrete manufacturers. Just like rubber, the addition of ZnO powder to the mixture can improve the quality of the ceramic and concrete products. 

This material increases the thermal conductivity and stability. The manufacturers also add this powder to increase the elasticity level of the materials to produce high-quality ceramic. 

It even affects the surface of the ceramic. Ceramics with the additional ZnO powder are often more glossy and matte compared to ceramics without this powder. 

It is an Important Material in Cosmetic Manufacturers 

You may not believe that ZnO which is derived from zinc oxide raw material is also a critical material in cosmetic production. Cosmetic manufacturers need this powder to produce moisturizers, lipsticks, and hand creams. 

Try to apply your cosmetics on your skin. Now, check whether the cosmetic adheres to your skin or not. If the cosmetic is easy to adhere to your skin, it may contain ZnO powder. 

Manufacturers also add the active version of ZnO powder to create powerful acne treatment products. It is because this material has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can fight against acne. 

The point is that processing zinc oxide raw material is important before using it to create a specific product. You even should buy ZnO powder in case you want to try to produce a cosmetic at home. The most important thing is that you know where ZnO powder is coming from.